Coconut Zarda Recipe

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Coconut Zarda a traditional sweet rice recipe with the addition of coconut. Coconut Zarda cooked with all condiments makes it taste richer. Try this delicious recipe and share your feedback with us.

700g Rice
2 cups Sugar
11 Green cardamoms
6 Cloves
1/4 cup Milk
100g Coconut crushed
50g Coconut slices
50g karonda murabba
100g Dry dates
100g Ashrafi (green & red)
50g Raisins
1 tsp Yellow food color
1/4 cup Desi ghee
100g Khoya
3 tbsp Oil

Soak rice in water for one hour, in a pan add water, food color, 50g dry dates, 5 cardamoms and boil rice until 70% done.
In a pan heat desi ghee, add cloves, 5 green cardamom and cook for a minute.
Then add half cooked rice, sprinkle one cup sugar and repeat the layer. Steam for 5 minutes on low heat.
Mix well add ashrafi, grapes, raisins, khoya,50g dry dates, coconut slices, coconut crushed, drizzle milk and steam again for 5 minutes.
Your coconut zarda is ready to serve.

چاول 700گرام
چینی 2کپ
سبز الائچی 11عدد
لونگ 6عدد
دودھ 1چوتھائی کپ
کٹا ہوا ناریل 100گرام
ناریل سلائس 50گرام
کروندامربہ 50گرام
خشک کھجوریں 100گرام

لال اور سبز اشرفی 100گرام
کشمش 50گرام
پیلا کھانے کا رنگ 1چائے کا چمچ
دیسی گھی 1چوتھائی کپ
کھویا 100گرام
کھانے کا تیل 3کھانے کے چمچ