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Italian MeatBalls


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Italian Meatballs Recipe

Italian Meatballs is an innovative and tasty and famous Italian recipe which is widely served all over Europe and America, as a main course dish and is adored by masses of foodies all across the planet. This peppery dish is a flavorful meatball recipe which is prepared with minced meat. Usually the minced is made from beef or mutton meat in thick, zesty gravy. The spicy Italian meatballs recipe is locally referred to as Koftay in the native Urdu language of Pakistan and is prepared by rolling marinated mince into small (bite-sized) balls that are then cooked in a pan along with eggs and gram flour. Other essentials like red chili powder, garam masala, salt, cumin, green chili, black pepper and corn flour are added. For the groundwork of the curry, a variety of ingredients are required such as chopped garlic, bbq sauce or tomato sauce with crushed red chili powder, lemon juice, crushed black pepper, cumin powder. The Italian meatballs recipe is served with spaghetti and easy to prepare, and when made perfectly, its tasty sauce with beautiful texture and aroma are second to none. The Italian meatballs recipe can be served at family dinners and auspicious occasions like parties and festivals. You can access the delectable Italian Meatballs recipe at and download the entire recipe in Urdu and English languages. You can also follow out step by step video guide for preparing this delectable dish. Other tasty recipes on sooperchef are Thai soup, pinwheel samosa recipe and the delectable spicy meatballs in bbq sauce recipe.


Ingredients for Italian MeatBalls:
Ingredients for Tomato Sauce:


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1 .
Put all the ingredients (mentioned above in tomato sauce instructions) in a pan & cook for a while. Garnish it with the help of Basil Leaves.

2 .
First of all, take a bowl. Add Beef Mince, Salt, White Pepper Powder, Garlic Powder, Parmesan Cheese, Bread Crumbs, Paprika Powder, Oregano, Parsley, and Egg. Mix them well. Marinate for 30 minutes

3 .
Now make the round balls of the Prepared Mince.

4 .
After this, take a pan. Add cooking oil in this pan and fry these balls until they turn into golden brown.

5 .
Serve with boiled spaghetti and spread the tomato sauce over the meet balls.



اگر آپ مزیدار اور آسان ریسپیز ڈھونڈ رہے ہیں تو آپ کو کہیں اور جانے کی ضرورت نہیں۔ سوپر شیف آپ کو مختلف اور آسان ریسپیز فراہم کرتا ہے جو کہ باآسانی بنائی جا سکتی ہیں۔ آزمودہ ریسپیز جو کہ ہر کھانے والے کی پسند بنے۔

1 .
ٹماٹو سوس کے تمام اجزاء کو پین میں کچھ دیر پکا لیں ۔اب اس میں بیزل لیف ڈال کر اُتار لیں ۔ آپکا ٹماٹر سوس تیار ہے ۔

2 .
ایک باؤ ل لیں اور اس میں بیف قیمہ ،نمک،سفید مرچ پاؤڈر ، لہسن پاؤڈر ،پامزان چیز ،بریڈ کرم ،پیپریکا پاؤڈر ، اوریگانو ،پارسلی اور انڈا ڈال کر مکس کر لیں اور تیس منٹ تک رکھ دیں ۔

3 .
اب تیا ر کیے ہوئے بیف کی گول گول بالز بنا لیں ۔

4 .
اب ایک پین میں کھانے کا تیل گرم کرکے اس میں تیار کی ہوئی بالز ڈال کر گولڈن براؤن ہونے تک فرائی کر لیں ۔

5 .
ابلی ہوئ سپیگھٹی کے ساتھ پیش کریں اور اوپر ٹماٹو سوس پھیلا دیں ۔آپکے مزیدار اِٹالین میٹ بالزتیار ہیں ۔

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