These Mysteries Happen While You Sleep

These Mysteries Happen While You Sleep

These Mysteries Happen While You Sleep

At night time, what we think about is to sleep in a calm and peaceful manner and restore our energy in a better way for the next day to be positive and great. But, sometimes we find out some weird and unlikely encounters that happen to us while we sleep.

BetterRead has listed to let you know about those weird experiences that happens to a normal being during a sleep time.

Sleep paralysis

It seems that the person is awake at night and is unable to move and feels that there is someone scary in the room. It happens as we are asleep, we are paralyzed. Our muscles are turned off while the brain is awake. Almost 7 percent of the world population has that terrible experience of sleep paralysis. It is likely to happen while sleeping on the back.

Sleep talking

Sleep talking is known as somniloquy (a term for sleep talking) and the person who suffers from it has got no idea about it. This condition is almost common and there is nothing to be scared off from this problem. Mostly men and kids suffer from sleep talking and the reason is stress. The person is usually stressed out.

Dream within a dream

In this type of situation, the person actually sees a dream within a dream, then he/she finally wakes up, but, that is not the end of it. These weird phenomena continue to happen. It turns out that he or she was just dreaming when he/she woke up. It is similar, likewise in the movie inception, if you have seen that one. Upon this film

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