Sasta But Myari Khana- Top 6 Cheap Eats In Lahore

Sasta But Myari Khana- Top 6 Cheap Eats In Lahore

Sasta But Myari Khana- Top 6 Cheap Eats In Lahore

So you're craving for something fun to eat, are in no mood for cooking at home and don't want to spend a lot of money? Well, look no further. These are our top 6 picks for 'sastay but myari khanay' that will leave you satisfied and won't take a toll on your wallet.  

6- Gogay Ke Channay

One of Lahore's most famous breakfast points, Gogay Ke Channay, is just what you need on a relaxed Saturday morning. It's delicious and extremely cheap, perfect for a satisfying desi naashta.

5- Gourmet's Stuffed Chicken

In only Rs 546, Gourmet's Stuffed Chicken is the cheapest good quality chicken out there. It's extremely filling and packed with cheese. It comes with complimentary fries and pineapple sauce that increases the delicious goodness.  

4- Waqas Biryani

A full biryani only costs Rs260 at Waqas Restaurant. It has a lot of quantity, tastes absolutely amazing and will easily have you filled for a very long time.

3-Dagwood Sandwiches

You can easily get a Dagwood sandwich for around 350 rupees. Even though sandwiches are supposed to be eaten as a snack, Dagwood sandwiches are very filling and comprise of a full meal. Dagwood doesn't have a lot of variety on their menu but what they lack in quantity, they make up in quality.

2-Bhayya Ke Kebab

Almost every Lahori knows about Bhayyia Ke Kebab, because of how delicious they are. Their beef kebab are a favorite. They are the right amount of spicy and are enriched with flavor to the last bite. You can easily eat to your fill in less than Rs500!

1- Arif Chatkhara's Tawwa Chicken

This one's for the spice lovers. Arif Chatkhara's juicy Tawwa chicken is their specialty. Anyone who eats it once comes back for more. One piece costs for only 280

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